Why us?

Market demand analysis

Our trade managers are acknowledged well in online and offline information sources and also procurement processes. This will leads us to achieve the material sourcing in lowest time. Our specialists in technical knowledge are also ready to determine the requirement precisely. In addition with the help of our expert trading advisors, trading companies can examine the trade of goods in different countries and determine the more up-to-date and beneficiary goods for international trading in different countries.

Micro Problem Solving

We have specialist in polymer and chemical field that can help you to find the root of the trading problems in your career and solve it by the best solution, in the shortest possible time.

Custom Clearance

International trade managers are completely familiar with custom rules and tariffs, certification, financial affairs and documentation. Due to our professional familiarity with the customs issues and the standards required by each goods import process in different countries, business companies outside Iran can easily export their products to Iran or import them from Iran with our help.


Our supply chain management has access to an integrated information system that enables accurate and timely delivery and tracking of goods. Besides that, our online response to customers can inform them immediately of the shipping situation. Our strong support allows customers to develop their business confidently. Generally, our goal is to ease the access to Iran market.